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What is Shatter?

Shatter – it might sound strange to those unfamiliar with the stuff at first, but it’s actually one of the strongest weed concentrates you can find. If you feel the urge to go big or go home, then you’re missing out if you haven’t tried it.

Shatter is a cannabis extract that gets its name from its glass-like state, with a transparent, yellowy appearance that can either have a consistency that is similar to taffy or rock hard like candy.

It’s extremely potent due to the method used to extract it. You can find it with higher levels of THC, or higher amounts of CBD for medicinal use.

So, with that brief summary in mind, we’re breaking down everything else you need to know about one of the purest forms of all our favourite plants.


What is Shatter Weed?

Shatter has a brittle consistency and is often sold among other popular concentrates. There are different types, like our Diamond Concentrates’ Magnum Shatter, where the rare Magnum strain from Canada has complex terpenes and gives Sativa-dominant effects for both recreational and medicinal users.

It’s super potent due to the high levels of THC, which of course will give you a stronger effect – much like crumble, wax, budder, live resin, and BHO or hash oil concentrates.

This is because the cannabis is put through a certain process to extract the desired chemicals (A.K.A THC and CBD). Shatter contains THC levels of up to 80%, but you can find some with higher levels of CBD for more medicinal use.

It’s for this reason that it can also be the perfect choice for medical marijuana users who need a potent quantity of CBD to help with aches, pains, and other ailments.

  • Shatter with more THC will be more pliable (like taffy) while increased levels of CBD produce a fragile, breakable product.
  • This extract should be stored in an airtight container to avoid breakage or a loss in potency.
  • If not stored properly or handled correctly, it can turn into budder or crumble with a sugar-like consistency.
  • While it’s similar to things like wax in that they are both concentrates, it is actually a little more complicated to make, and it lasts longer than wax.

Are There Side Effects?

Like other forms of cannabis, there are unwanted side effects if it is not consumed in a safe way. If consumed incorrectly, short-term effects can include dizziness, drowsiness, sore throat, a higher heart rate, and a lower ability to react quickly. Make sure you are always consuming responsibly, and consult your doctor if you feel it isn’t right for you.


How Can I Consume Shatter?

Shatter requires decarboxylation (which means it activates using heat) so it must be vaporized.

It is defined as a cleaner to consume than other inhalation methods since you’re not inhaling combusted plant pieces – this is also why it gives you a faster and better high.

Just one hit of this stuff with a high potency of THC will give you a greater effect than smoking a whole joint.

You can consume it using:

  • Dab rigs or electronic dab rigs
  • Joints (melt it down and drop some in before rolling)
  • Pipes
  • Vapes
  • Bongs
  • Dab pens

When it comes to concerns with consuming this extract, the main thing to know is where you’re getting it from. You should only buy shatter from a reliable manufacturer to make sure the product is free of impurities and therefore safe to consume.


Where Can I Buy Shatter in Canada?

Thanks to the Cannabis Act in Canada, you can now easily buy what you want online, when you want it, meaning it will arrive straight to your door.

To buy shatter online in Canada, simply head to our website and look through our Concentrates page to find the right product for you. You’ll find plenty of different brands and varieties to choose from, as well as other concentrates, like budder, crumble, live resin, and more.

When you order it from our website, it will be vacuum sealed for freshness, and it will be delivered using discreet packaging.


Where Can I Buy Shatter in Toronto and Vancouver?

We believe in easy access to cannabis products, which is why we deliver all over Canada. You can buy shatter in Toronto, Vancouver, Regina – wherever you are, we’ll get it to you.

Remember that you should always buy your weed from a reputable retailer. This ensures you’re getting the best possible quality product. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer the highest quality products on the market.


Is Shatter Worth It?

Shatter is known for its high potency and powerful effects. It is one of the purest forms of cannabis you can get. It’s, for this reason, it’s such a popular product among recreational and medicinal users. It can be bought with either higher THC or CBD depending on your needs. For those who want a stronger effect, this is the way to go. Always consume it safely and responsibly, and most of all, enjoy.

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