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Do Edibles Make Me Poop?

Do Edibles Make Me Poop?

“Do edibles make me poop?” It’s a question we know so many of you have, but not a lot of you are willing to talk about. We get it, it’s an awkward subject. But, it’s also an important one. And when you catch yourself glued to the toilet after a night filled with your favourite […]

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Can Sativa Help You Concentrate?

For those who aren’t too familiar with the green stuff, weed is often associated with a whole lot of laughs, the munchies, and chilling on the couch for hours. But did you know that weed can also be used as a burst of energy throughout the day? One of the best strains for that is […]

What is Sativa marijuana

What is Sativa?

If you’re new to the weed game, you’ve probably been seeing the words “Sativa” and “Indica” pop up all over the place, but what is Sativa? And what is Indica? While some just want to light up and go for it, others enjoy learning a little more about what goes into their body. Either way, […]

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