Trap Gas OG (Indica) *BEST PRICE IN TOWN


Trap Gas OG (Indica) *BEST PRICE IN TOWN

Premium genetics and breeding come together to form Trap Gas OG. The brainchild of LA-based seed bank South Bay Genetics, Trap Gas OG is an OG strain packing some serious heat. With 27-29% THC on average, an amazing flavour profile, and intense, sedative effects, this strain is all gas and no brakes.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Trap Gas OG is a cross between the rare strains of BTY OG (Better Than Yours OG) and Gas Station Bob. While its lineage sounds sketchy, the fact that it’s a South Bay Genetics phenotype guarantees its quality. A mostly indica hybrid, this strain’s nugs are dense, fluffy, and dank. Spade-shaped and dark-green in colour, Trap Gas OG sports a classic indica appearance. Rusty orange pistils and a thick layer of kief on the surface complete its gassy look. While its appearance speaks volumes already, we need to dive into its flavours and aromas to appreciate what this strain brings to the table. Firstly, the aroma. On the nose, the aromatic profile of zesty, sour lemon, and fresh pine dominate. In addition to these fragrant aromas, hints of earth and pungent skunk join the ensemble to complete its terpene profile. Secondly, its flavour. On the tongue, Trap Gas OG tastes almost exactly like it smells. Tokers will taste a delicious bouquet of citrus and pine with just a hint of skunk weed on the exhale. Extremely close in flavour to original OG Kush, even the pickiest of tokers will be able to enjoy this strain! Finally, the high. Trap Gas OG’s high is something else entirely. Fans of the original OG Kush will find the experience to be incredibly similar, with a slight indica twist. Effects begin with pressure behind the eyes and slight tingling in the hands and limbs. Shortly after, this pressure releases into a wave of euphoria, sedation, and relaxation that washes over the entire body. Stress, tension, and any negative thoughts are whisked away as total relaxation and comfort take hold. With its incredibly high THC potency of 27-29%, these effects will hit hard and last long so you better be prepared! About Organic Cannabis Living soil, similar to the rainforests, thrive off of its own biological ecosystem.  Modelled after Mother nature herself, living soil is created for indoor cultivation by taking a substrate like peat moss and mixing in a variety of certified organic composts, amendments, and supplements. Creatures like earthworms, nematodes, arthropods as well as a host of beneficial microbes and fungal cultures are then added to create their own living environment similar to the rainforest. Over time, the soil becomes a complex ecosystem that makes an ideal, nutrient-rich growing medium for plants like cannabis. Well-balanced soil is one where all of the living elements work together to create a dynamic and healthy environment. Throughout the growth cycle of our plants, ensuring optimal conditions such as relative humidity and temperature control allow the plants to thrive in their own natural element. Like wine, living soil keeps getting better with age and we believe that it produces some of the finest and tastiest cannabis around.

Trap Gas OG Medical Benefits

Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


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