Texada Timewarp Sativa


Originating on the island of Texada in British Columbia, Canada, Texada Timewarp is a unique heirloom strain grown mostly outdoors.

This hardy plant is fast-producing, low-maintenance and often outperforms indoor varietals. With a history dating back to the 1970s, Texada Timewarp has earned its legendary status as one of the most desired outdoor cannabis strains.

Texada Timewarp isn’t for the faint of heart. This rollercoaster of a Sativa will push your mind to the limit – all while relaxing your body. Fly above the clouds with Texada Timewarp and enjoy the experience of a ceiling less high. Lemon-tart flavors abound, this gorgeous flower is a crowd pleaser for those who enjoy adventure, pain relief, and decreased depression.

Indica – Sativa: 70% / Indica: 30%

THC: 14%

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THC Levels

Texada Timewarp is a Type 1 plant (THC dominant) with THC levels averaging around 14% and CBD levels consistently occurring below 2%. This hybrid strain is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. It is considered a highly potent strain that new users should consume with caution as it can often pack a punch.


Perfect for daytime use, Texada Timewarp is said to make users feel focused and creative. It produces a light, calming body buzz and bright, uplifting high. The effects of this Sativa dominant strain can help with symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression, along with making pain more manageable. As cannabis affects each person differently, actual experiences may vary.


Specifically designed to be grown outdoors, Texada Timewarp plants can reach heights of 13 feet. These sturdy plants usually finish with a breathtaking deep purple, red and dark green color combination. Once cultivated, the buds feature oversized green nugs with bright orange hairs and clear milky white crystal trichomes. In the right light, the trichomes almost look yellow.


The dominant terpene in Texada Timewarp is pinene while myrcene, linalool and beta-caryophyllene terpenes also regularly show up. The result is an undefinably complex aroma of earthy pine, tree fruit, lemony citrus and incense.


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