Rockstar Kush (Indica)


Rockstar Kush is one of the most popular hybrid strains, voted second place at a High Times competition for the Best Hybrid on the market.

Loved for its stress-relieving properties, Rockstar Kush is undeniably a star in the hybrid game. Skunky overtones give it a heavy aroma, and it’s best known for its medicinal effects. This high potency also makes this strain perfect for stirring up your appetite.

Our Thoughts:

We’re hardcore fans of Rockstar Kush at BC Weed Online. While it is a hybrid, we find that it’s a little heavier on the Indica side, making it a an absolute dream for relieving aches, as well as reducing stress.

Hybrid Strain:  Sativa: 50% / Indica: 50%

THC Levels: 15-17%

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What is Rockstar Kush Strain?

It’s no surprise that Rockstar Kush is one of the most loved hybrid strains on the market. For those who enjoy more of an Indica-heavy trip, it’s the perfect choice. And with some Sativa in the mix, it’s give you a comfortable balance that won’t completely knock you out if you don’t want it to.

Rockstar Kush is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star, hence its therapeutic properties that are said to reduce muscle-spasms and other types of pain. Rockbud is an Indica-dominant strain that is known for eliminating stress and insomnia. Sensi Star is also somewhat more potent in Indica, but it’s a little more energizing with some arousing effects.

Sleepy & Relaxed

Rockstar Kush is best used as an end-of-day hit thanks to its calming effects. Leaning more towards the Indica side, we suggest using it just before bed when you need something to help you nod off. You’ll get transported into sky-high euphoria, giving you the ability to switch off for a moment and truly relax.

Pain relief is another main effect of Rockstar Kush, particularly for those who experience muscle-spasms. Both Rockbud and Sensi Star work together here to produce these pain-relieving effects, letting you sink into the couch or your bed and let the aches simply wash away.

Need an appetite pick-me-up? Reach for Rockstar Kush. In some users, it’s actually the top effect, stimulating their hunger cravings. Sensi Star is mainly to thank here with its high THC levels, which rouse those feelings of hunger.

Skunky & Spicy

Rockstar Kush isn’t for the faint hearted. From the very moment its released from its packaging, this strain is a potent one, with top aromas of skunk, spice, and a little hint of pine.

This is what makes it such an enjoyable strain, as the spicy-herbal undertones cut through some of the skunkiness, giving it a unique flavour that’ll have you going in for hit after hit. Sensi Strain aids in that spicy-herbal mix, as its top aromas include sweet tea and earthy notes.

The Ultimate Relaxer

Rockstar Kush is a special strain, and you won’t find many hybrids like it. With a slight lean towards Indica, it’s undoubtedly one of the best strains out there for relaxation and pain relief, giving you a sense of euphoria that melts away stress like a dream. A skunky-spicy aroma is deliciously unique, making it one of the smoother strains perfect for settling down after a long day.


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