Pink Picasso AAAA (Hybrid)


Pink Picasso Strain is a classic Hybrid known for its high THC content, mouth-watering flavours, and all-out relaxing high.

Smooth and citrusy, Picasso Weed was born when Candyland crossed with OZK X to form this unique Hybrid strain. It’s made to leave you feeling cool and comfortable, but it won’t completely knock you out if you don’t want it to. Whether you want to calm your nerves on a stressful day, or help relieve some nagging pains, Picasso is the perfect in-between.

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We love Pink Picasso Strain for many reasons, but what makes us keep going back for more is the combination of its woody citrus aroma and ideal Hybrid effects. Top notes of orange give it a nice, smooth burn, with hints of pinewood that bring that unique edge. It’s definitely a go-to for when you want to wind-down, but still need to stay focused.

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Pink Picasso Strain Origins

To buy Pink Picasso Weed is to understand its backstory, which is an interesting one. This strain is a blend of two popular varieties, the first being Candyland. Candyland or Kandyland leans on the Sativa side, with top effects giving off an uplifting energy. This is what gives Picasso its euphoric edge that ensures you aren’t fully couch-locked, and able to focus on tasks at hand. The second strain used to bring Picasso to life is OZK X, which is also a Hybrid, but brings forward any intense calming effects. It’s quite a pungent strain, making it an ideal merger with Candyland with its sweet, spicy flavours.

Strain Effects

Most Pink Picasso reviews will tell you that this is a perfect middle-ground between relaxed and energized. You’ll find it’s ideal for calming anxieties or stresses when you’re about to take on a tough day or big workload, as you’re still able to maintain concentration to get things done throughout the day. Some Pink Picasso reviews also report that it helps with falling asleep, and even reducing pain symptoms.

Overall, effects are balanced and well-rounded with this popular strain. You’ll find a boost in mood if used during the day, but with a relaxing edge that helps melt away stress. If you’ve got a flair for the creative and need to focus throughout the day, but still crave a relaxed body and mind, then Picasso is a perfect pairing.

What Does the Flower Look Like?

Picasso Kush flowers have a soft green tint to them, with some mesmerizing dark purple marbling if you look closely. Light orange hairs stand out against these green and purple hues, with light-coloured trichomes finishing it all off with their milky tones.

Why Choose Picasso Kush?

Citrusy-wood aromas, evenly-balanced effects, high 22% THC content – these are just some of the things that make Pink Picasso Strain such an ideal Hybrid to try. Or if you’re coming back for more, then you already know just how insanely perfect it is. If you haven’t already, give it a go to experience its relaxing effects that still let you keep your creativity and focus all day long. Remember to frequently check BC Weed Online to find awesome cannabis deals.


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