Pacific CBD Infused Gummies


Pacific CBD Infused Gummies

Excite your palate with our gluten-free CBD Infused Edibles. Each pack of these Pacific CBD Gummies contains 8 pieces of chewy and delicious gummies that are both sweet and sour satisfying any sweet tooth. Filled with 200 MG of CBD, these easy-to-eat treats offer the benefits of hemp-derived Cannabidiol leaving zero aftertastes.


Pacific CBD Gummies give you energized and relaxed effects. These treats first get you feeling euphoric. Exciting your senses as the euphoric feels flow through you. Eventually, leading to a burst of energy with your elated mood. You’ll have the desire to push through all your tasks and even be ready to handle more throughout the day. As this rush starts to fade you will find that both your mind and body begin to relax. Muscles become less tense, the mind becomes at ease, and you feel calm. Which provides a perfect set up for a very comfortable sleep. We, therefore, recommend not taking too many of them throughout the day. A couple of Pacific CBD Gummies can be taken during the day to help keep you energized. Likewise, some can be taken in the evening to help get you well relaxed and have a good sleep.

Medical Effects

Pacific CBD Gummies help relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation. It’s relaxing effects help relieve tensions throughout the body and place it in a state that allows it to work effectively to handle pain. Your affected area becomes numb to the pain such that you feel less of it or none of it. Similarly, people are able to overcome anxiety due to the state of relaxation they are placed in. Their euphoric state also helps clear their mind and keep them in a positive mood. Lastly, it helps get rid of insomnia. Allowing you to enjoy a good sleep when you would otherwise be restless or unable to sleep.

Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy & Sleepy
Flavors: Cherry, Grape Sour, Gummy Bears (Sugar-Free), Lemon Cola, Rainbow Belt, Sour Peach, Sour Watermelon, Wild Strawberries
Medical Effects: Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation & Insomnia

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