Lemon Kush (Indica)


When life gives you Lemon Kush, you make lemonade. Well, not quite, but the happiness both lemonade and this strain bring makes it pretty darn close.

This Indica-dominant hybrid is a sure-fire way to get you perked up with feelings of happiness and joy, but also lets you sit back and relax when you need it. A delectable blend of citrus and sweet, Lemon Kush is a staple for anyone who loves a cerebral high without any heavy couch-locking after-effects.

Our Thoughts:

One of our personal favourites, Lemon Kush is like a burst of sunshine. Not only are we obsessed with its delicious bitter-sweet flavour profile, but we also can’t help but fall in love with its perfect balance between uplifting and relaxing effects.

Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain:  Indica: 60% / Sativa: 40%

THC Levels: 20-26%

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What is Lemon Kush Strain?

Lemon Kush Strain is best known for being a cross between Lemon G and Afghan Kush, making it a deliciously balanced Indica-dominant hybrid strain. While there is some debate surrounding its origins, this crossbreed is the most widely-accepted.

Heavier in Indica, Lemon Kush is just that ideal blend between sweet and citrus, resulting in a flavour profile one can only explain as exceptional. With high THC content upwards of 26%, it’s hugely popular with those who enjoy a sweet release, reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety, and instead lifting up your spirits for a boost of happiness. It’s lemony, it’s smooth, and it’s oh-so-delicious.

Creative & Cheerful

Before exhaling one very thick cloud of velvety smoke, you’ll get lost in a wonderful whirl of uplifting sensations, letting you sit back with a smile on your face with feelings of joy and happiness.

It’s almost as if you’re lying under the sun, feeling a little sleepy under the embrace of those warm rays, but you’re still able to function in the daytime. You’ll feel a little spacey, but you’ll still have the energy to get some housework done or finish off a project.

This is also what makes Lemon Kush so perfect for those who enjoy using their imagination in the arts or other creative sector. It’s one of the best solutions for a lack of motivation, as its uplifting effects from the Lemon G side gives your mind a creative boost.

But Lemon Kush isn’t only for enhancing your energy and creative endeavours. It’s also a master at reducing aches and pains, particularly cramps and other muscle spasms. Its blend of Afghan Kush brings through that calming, almost sleepy effect, which helps to melt away your pain and let you loosen up.

Citrusy & Sweet

Definitely one of the best-tasting on the market, Lemon Kush offers a unique terpene profile of something best described as lemons dipped in fuel. Sweet and sour aromas come through from Lemon G, with Afghan Kush peeking in with some woody notes.

Pleasant and smooth, Lemon Kush is as sweet as it is sour, making it such an intriguing blend. If you’re into slightly overwhelming flavours, then this strain is perfectly matched. And while there are some undertones of fuel, it’s important to note that it certainly doesn’t leave you with that diesel-like aftertaste that some other citrus-focused marijuana strains do.

The Ultimate Relaxer

Lemon Kush isn’t just a pretty face (or taste, in this case). It’s so much more than that. You’re getting an Indica-dominant hybrid that doesn’t leave you stuck to the couch, as well a joyful, cerebral high that gives you energy to take on the day and spark your imagination, along with reduced stress, anxiety and pain.

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