Jungle Cake (Hybrid) Strain


Affordable and Awesome

While the Jungle Cake strain is a hybrid concoction, it somehow manages to take the best both the White Fire #43 and wedding cake strains have to offer. It also dispenses of any negative side effects, allowing the user to enjoy the high without worrying about after-effects.

The high is definitely a “sit back and relax” proposition. Once it is in full force, though, it will leave you relaxed but not incapacitated or oblivious.

No matter how anyone looks at it, the Jungle Cake Strain exceeds all expectations and comes in at a very affordable price. It is possibly the perfect strain for relaxing but maintaining reasonable control

BC Weed Online – Our Review:

We think Jungle Cake is an evenly balanced hybrid strain. It has a very noticeable flower smell, and is known for its super heavy high and long-lasting effects. The high comes on with a slow build, lifting your mental state into pure euphoria and ease. Although it’s a hybrid, we all think this strain is a great morning flower to wake up with.


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Effects of the Jungle Cake Strain

Using the Jungle Cake strain will not leave you heavily sedated or couch-locked. You will feel amazing but not like you have lost all control. About the only side effect is the munchies, which will inevitably kick in.

The extremely high THC level (30 to 33%) makes the Jungle Cake strain perfect for those suffering from appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress, mood swings or depression. It is ideal for side effects of medicine or medical treatment with a lot of side effects.

How the Strain Came To Be

The Jungle Cake strain is a hybrid cross of the amazing White Fire #43 plus the wedding cake strain. With a 50-50 split between indica and sativa, the merger has produced a product that builds slowly and leaves the user in a state of euphoria.

Aroma and Appearance

Users describe Jungle Cake as a smorgasbord of flavors. Jungle Cake buds provide a sweet fruity berry influence, with hints of marshmallow and nuts. The aroma has sweet fruity overtones but is earthy and nutty at the same time.


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