Grapes Mod (Hybrid)


Particularly suited to users who want a relaxing, calming smoke that will help them drift into a dreamless sleep, the Mod Grapes Strain is an Indica dominant that’s a hybrid of GMO and Purple Punch. If you’re a smoker that prefers a strain that enhances relaxation and sleepiness, this is a great choice.

Blanketed with icy trichomes, the buds emit a light green color with dark purple hues throughout. It emits a juicy flavor profile with sweet hints of tart. A heavy high that will leave you in complete relaxation preparing you for a beautiful night’s sleep. CBD Content 0.04%.

Genetics:  GMO  x  Purple Punch.

The nugs are trimmed perfectly, good nose with high density.

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Indica Dominant Explained

There are two main types of cannabis plant – Sativa and Indica. Each type has a distinct profile of active compounds, which means they have differing effects. Although this isn’t an absolute rule, in general, Sativa plants tend to give a more energizing hit when smoked. In contrast, Indica plants tend to affect the whole body, causing deep relaxation and sleepiness.

This strain is an Indica dominant strain, which means it displays the active properties (promoting sleep and relaxation) that are typical of the Indica cannabis plant.

Purple Punch and GMO

The two strains that have been combined to create this hybrid are GMO and Purple Punch. Well-known for its soporific properties and sweet flavor, Purple Punch has a particularly high concentration of trichomes and a powerful scent that’s fruity, sweet, and altogether delightful.

GMO is a powerful cross of Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. Known for punching above its weight, the influence of this on the hybrid Mod Grapes is to ensure a good level of THC and other active compounds.

The result of the union is a strong hybrid that has particularly effective sleep-inducing properties. If you’re an insomniac who craves a peaceful night, this could be a great choice.

An Attractive Flavor Profile

Not only is this a strain that contains a good percentage of active compounds that deliver therapeutic results, but it’s also one that tastes amazing and smells great. The flavor is a fresh one, with a sour tang – reviving on the taste buds and with an enticing aroma that’s a real treat to inhale, this Indica dominant hybrid’s taste and smell are always appealing.

Great for Edibles

As well as being the perfect smoke, especially just before bed, it’s also a good option to use in cookies, gummies, cakes, or other confectionery items.

Powerful Buds With 0.04% THC

These are buds that mean business! The Mod Grape hybrid has been developed so that it consists of 0.04% THC. What this means is that it delivers quite a powerful hit – you won’t need a lot to enjoy the pleasant, relaxed state that’s just what’s needed at times.

High-grade Mod Grapes Strain

When you’re purchasing buds, it’s important to be confident you’re getting a premium product that’s going to deliver the results you’re looking for. Like all the other hybrids we offer, this one has been grown with skill and passion, receiving the care needed to thrive at every stage of its development. The result is a high-caliber, plant product that’s well-tolerated, and a natural soporific.

Mod Grapes Strain is an excellent hybrid that’s been carefully chosen to offer an exceptional level of mental and physical relaxation to users.


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