Dr. Good Dabs Cannaquick

Dr. Good Dabs Cannaquick


Chocolate milk, a childhood treat that is packed with calcium, vitamin D and satisfies your sweet tooth. This nutritious drink has become a post workout favorite for many active adults, but what about those of us who just want to unwind and have a tasty treat? Once again, Dr Good Dabs has your sweet tooth desires covered with our all new Cannaquick drink! Our smooth, chocolatey drink has been infused with 100% pure cannabis oil. The combination of smooth milk and creamy milk, milk chocolate powder, sugar and THC make this a decadent combination that will be hard to resist! Pour yourself a glass of this goodness while watching your favourite movies, reading blogs online or while kicking back on the balcony. Our potent packets have the chocolaty taste from your childhood memories, plus a punch of either 200mg of THC or 400mg of THC. Like our other products, our Cannaquick tastes delicious, sweet, and its potency gives you the desired edible effects. Our Cannaquick chocolate drink mixes are handmade in Canada, tastes great, and makes dosing incredibly simple, as well as enjoyable! Cannaquick is a great option for users looking to try something new, and who are wanting to experiment with different edibles. Our edibles will help alleviate symptoms caused by insomnia, depression, for people who are in need of appetite stimulation, pain relief, stress relief and more! Enjoy the childhood flavours you remember, alongside the potent high that you should expect from any Dr Good Dabs product!

Whether you are using Dr Good Dabs candies medically or recreationally, here are some facts.

  • Our all new Cannaquick drinks are creamy, have a delicious milk chocolate taste and pairs great with your favorite cakes and baked goods! It is perfect for sweet tooth’s!
  • With our new Cannaquick, dosing has never been easier!
  • Remember that edibles effect can take longer than other forms of cannabis consumption, start slow and consume with caution. Effects could take up to 1.5 hours.
  • Ideal for non-smokers. Enjoy responsibly.
  • Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and we all have different medical histories. Talk to your Medical Practitioner before consuming any of our Dr Good Dabs products. Keep your edibles far away from children and pets. And, consume responsibly!

Our new Cannaquick is now available in 8oz. packets containing either 200mg THC or 400mg THC.

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