Blue Dream’s Daydream (Hybrid)


Blue Dream’s Daydream (Hybrid)

Blue Dream is one of the most popular hybrid strains in the world for a good reason. Blue Dream ticks all the boxes that anyone will enjoy, such as enhanced creativity, energy levels, and a sense of utter relaxation.

The Blue Dream cannabis strain doesn’t stop at the recreational level, as it has many medical benefits, such as fighting against pain, anxiety, and loss of appetite. The only negative aspect of this award-winner is the fact that you’ll get dry-mouth if you consume too much. Blue Dream holds a famed pedigree, with Blueberry and Haze making up its’ genetic backbone.

Hybrid – Indica: 50% / Sativa: 50%

THC: 17-27%

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Blue Dream is perfect if you are looking for a gentle but reasonably powerful Wake-n-Bake strain or just looking to kick back and relax.

It is a sativa dominated hybrid with a moderate THC level that will make you aware of its presence, but not knock you down for the count.

Effects of the Blue Dream

The Blue Dream strain will give you a healthy buzz, but not shut you down, which is a product of a precise balance between sativa and indica. It is also a great “maintenance” strain that will let you keep the buzz going without affecting your ability to function.

You most likely will get the munchies no matter what form you take the Blue Dream strain. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are also side effects most people experience. It is a good idea that you restrict your consumption of the Blue Dream strain to two hours before bed or more.

15% is the average THC level of the Blue Dream Strain and it has a peak of about 21%. In either case, the Blue Dream strain will please novice and experienced users. It is gentle enough to be used by first-time users.

How the Blue Dream Strain Came To Be

Blue Dream is another hybrid, a merger between the indica Blueberry and the sativa Haze. There is a variation out there of Blueberry and OG Kush. Sativa is the dominant ingredient in Blue Dream.

Aroma and Appearance

Blue Dream’s aroma is a mix of blueberry with a woody undertone. At harvest, the Blue Dream strain has light greenish-yellow buds. It is also usually very sticky with abundant trichomes and bright, orange-tipped hair.

A Balanced, Gentle, and Effective Strain

The Blue Dream strain got its start in California and has become a fan favorite everywhere it has been introduced. It is one of the most popular strains out there because it delivers a potent high, but lets you still function.


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