Alien Rock Candy (Hybrid) *Ounce Special


Savor every inhalation of the impossibly good Alien Rock Candy Strain! Skillfully engineered by the guys at Alien Genetics, this hybrid is an irresistible fusion of the Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien strains. This bud is perfect for smoking and is a great blend with a tantalizing odor.

Ever wonder what Alien Rock Candy tastes like? Good – Alien Rock Candy is available in Canada!

Alien Rock Candy was created by the cannabis connoisseurs at Alien Genetics. By crossing Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien, Alien Rock Candy was born.
One of the key attributes of Alien Rock Candy is its candy-like sweetness, such as sour lemon-lime. Furthermore, Alien Rock Candy’s flowers are encrusted with layers of trichomes that’ll make your mouth water.


From body-numbing relaxation to uplifting euphoria, Alien Rock Candy is the perfect strain day or night. If you’re ready to feel what it’s like to float in space — look no further than Alien Rock Candy today!


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All the Benefits of a Hybrid

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur who delights not just in the effects of the plant, but also the whole experience of smoking, you’re going to love this hybrid. Both hybrid parents (Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien) are well-known strains that have a pronounced flavor. Their hybrid provides a unique taste that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

The overall taste is candy-sweet, but with a sour twist that adds plenty of interest – think sherbet lemons or sour lemon balls. When inhaled, the sweet, tangy smoke has a delicious taste that’s very moreish.

Not only do users enjoy the taste of the buds, but their sweet yet tart aroma also offers a treat for the olfactory receptors.

The flavor of this hybrid is completely unique – if you want to try a potent, tasty cannabis hit, you can’t do much better than getting to know the sublime, sweet/sour taste of the Alien Rock buds.

Relax! Sleep! Chill!

This product isn’t just an absolute joy to use, it also delivers the results you’re looking for. Reducing anxiety, improving mood, aiding deep, peaceful sleep, and assisting pain management, this is a plant product that offers a wide range of useful pharmacological effects.

Because of its appealing taste and palatability, if you prefer to make your own edibles, this is an ingredient that will add plenty of flavors. A great addition to gummies, biscuits, cakes, or other confectionaries, this hybrid strain can also be smoked.

The plant benefits from a high number of tasty trichomes which is just what you need for ultimate satisfaction from your plant-based products.

High-quality Buds That Deliver Great Results

Like all the other cannabis products that we provide, Alien Rock has been propagated with care to ensure you enjoy a product of optimal quality. The result is an all-natural, plant-based compound that has a range of therapeutic uses.  With high levels of terpenes, the smell produced by these buds is delightfully distinct and lingers in the air.

A good concentration of active ingredients results in buds that are easy to use and deliver the effects you’re looking for.

Alien Rock Candy Strain – a Triumph of Growing Skill and Dedication

Alien Genetics has a formidable reputation for creating fresh, exciting hybrids that offer a stunning combination of taste, smell, and pharmacological effects. Grown to exacting standards by horticultural experts, this is a product that’s been carefully tended at every stage of its growth cycle. The results are plumb, lush buds, thick foliage, and a strong, aromatic aroma that’s instantly recognizable.

If you want to try a new, exciting hybrid that offers delectable flavor, a remarkable aroma, and delivers a powerful hit, it’s time to try the Rock Alien Candy Strain.


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