250mg THC Brownie Hand Made in BC


While chocolate really does possess chemicals that could ward off the blues and enhance our mood, its new partner, THC, has a direct psychoactive effect on the brain’s endocannabinoid system.  Understandably, the combination of chocolate and THC are being hailed in this day and age as the go to ’feel good’ treat of the century that not only makes you well but keeps you happy too!

Why THC Chocolate is so Popular? Both of these ingredients are known as great stress relievers in their own right. THC consumed in the correct quantities may help lower adrenal levels and even keep your heart rate at a steady pace, while slowing down your breathing when you are in a panic. And of course, it tastes great!

250mg THC Brownie hand-made in BC makes the most perfectly baked cookies a stoner can ask for. These delicious brownie come infused with  250mg of premium THC extract.

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The New THC 250mg Brownie

Chocolate is a tasty confectionery loved by people all over the world and comes in many shapes, textures and even flavors. It’s clear why so many indulge in this delicious treat to enhance their mood.

In recent years cannabis has come out of the shadows to find its place in the sun as a mood enhancer and a proponent to improvement of health. It covers many different illnesses from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis and depression.

Thus, it makes sense to combine both these wellness ingredients, with chocolate being an ideal carrier for the healing oils extracted from the cannabis plant.

The History of Cannabis-infused Edibles

The earliest known cannabis-infused food came from India around 2000 BC and was made with  yogurt, nuts, spices and rose water.  Even the ancient Native Americans used to make a marijuana-infused ‘ghee’ (a kind of fat) before it was mixed into other ingredients. Later, jams were infused with cannabis and in the sixties it was mixed into fudge brownies. It was very popular with the counter culture of the times.

Why Cannabis-infused Brownie?

Why would anyone want to eat cannabis infused chocolate, you might ask? Well, since many people have cannabis derived medication for their ailments, it is a known fact that they often do not enjoy that bitter taste in their mouths. Hence the wonderful invention of handmade 100mg THC Chocolate that blends THC along with CBD oils and the more palatable oils of chocolate in an amazingly tasty treat that comes with medical benefits.

With chocolate and cannabis both displaying healing effects after consumption, it goes without saying that they complement each other perfectly. Thus said, THC Chocolate supplied by bcweedonline.net is a great example of how you can get your chocolate comfort as well as your medicinal use from something that tastes pleasant and familiar.

Antioxidant Benefits of THC Brownie

Working together to enhance each other’s potency, it’s clear that THC with its stress-relieving properties, and chocolate with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may protect the body from degenerative diseases, along with the tasty combo’s other positive effects.


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