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edible vs flower

Everything You Need to Know – Edibles vs Smoking

Edibles vs Smoking? Ahh, the age-old debate. Eating marijuana edibles and smoking marijuana are two very different ways of consuming cannabis. Some people prefer one to the other, but a lot of people appreciate both and find a balance between the two. Today in Canada, edibles are legal as well as smoking weed. It’s a super exciting time for all Canadians, but the marijuana market can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to choose which way you want to consume cannabis.

Edibles and smoking weed can have different effects in the long term. There is a lot of varied research, but it is possible that smoking cannabis can have damaging effects on the lungs, and it may possibly affect mental health in the long run. Edibles can be simpler to consume, but it’s easy to consume too much, and it takes a lot more planning and preparation. There are also some health issues associated with consuming edibles. Essentially, like most things in life, both edibles and smoking have their pros and cons. Whether you already enjoy both, or you don’t know which one you want to try, we want to provide you with all the information you need to know about edibles and smoking.

Edibles vs Smoking

The Basic Differences Between Edibles vs Smoking

Apart from the obvious difference in terms of form, there are other variances between edibles and smoking. One of the major differences is that smoking marijuana can make you high almost instantly, whilst edibles can take much longer. How long do edibles take to work? Depending on the amount of cannabis that is inside the edible, it can take up to 3 hours for people to get fully high. While it takes longer, edibles can have a much more intense effect on your body than smoking. Edibles are usually super yummy. They can be made in so many ways including flavoured gummy edibles, chocolate, and of course, weed brownies. While it is fun to consume, it can be difficult to stop, therefore most people ingest an increased amount of weed, perhaps more than they intended to take. We never stop at just one.

The duration of time of the psychoactive effects of cannabis also differs between edibles and smoking. Studies suggest that edibles can cause your high to stay longer than if you were to smoke weed, however, this all depends on several variables including gender, weight, and eating habits. This lengthened high is due to the cannabis being ingested through the stomach and liver and into the bloodstream. The effects of cannabis can start disappearing 2-3 hours after smoking, which is slightly less than edibles.

Are Edibles Legal to Make and Sell?

Smoking marijuana is probably the most well-known way to consume weed, whereas edibles can be more complicated and difficult to create. There are so many types, from all kinds of beverages to gummies, and even popcorn. With all these options, it can feel blurry as to what is legal to make and consume. As we all know by now, thanks to the Canadian Cannabis Act, weed is now legal in Canada. Edibles are legal to make in your own home. Organic solvents are not permitted for use to make concentrated cannabis products. Today, your hard work can all be worth it – you can now also sell your homemade brownies, cookies, or whatever you love to make.

How do They Affect Your Health?

Obviously, both smoking cannabis and consuming it in edible form will affect your body. Each requires different doses. If you’ve tried to make your own edibles, you’ll know it can be tough. There’s a lot of research, concentration, and preparation. TripSafe suggests starting with 5mg of THC for beginners. When consumed by yourself, it can give you an equivalent high to a 10mg edible. You can check out their website for a tolerance chart to show you how much THC should be inside an edible for your desired effects.

Smoking weed long-term can have some harsh effects on your health. Cannabis smoke has the same toxins, irritants, and carcinogens that are found in cigarette smoke, which can obviously cause many diseases including cancer.

Have you heard of the term “vaping illness”? If you’re not involved in the smoking or vaping community, it might not be easy to guess. Essentially, it is a severe pulmonary condition that can cause chest pain and lung infection. While vaping is not exactly smoking, it’s still important to note that vaping illness in Canada may become a problem. In September, Quebec had its first case of vaping illness.

What about edibles?

Now that you know about the effects of smoking and vaping weed, you might not have heard about the possible damaging effects of edibles. They can seem like such an innocent treat due to their appearances, but according to recent studies, edibles can cause increased heart problems and psychotic episodes than cannabis that is smoked. A study between 2012-2016 at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver, United States, showed that 8% of patients that visited due to edible cannabis use had irregular heartbeats or heart attacks. Cannabis smokers only 3.1%. Smoking weed was more associated with gastrointestinal issues, which can be less severe than heart problems.

The Verdict

With great weed comes great responsibility. It’s ultimately up to you whether you choose edibles, smoking, or both. Each have their positives and negatives, and they both can affect your health. While the studies concerning smoking and edible health issues are damning, it’s important to understand that they only show correlations. They do not necessarily prove that smoking or consuming marijuana edibles will lead to these illnesses. Like most things in life, you’re using cannabis at your own risk. But if you don’t go overboard, you can smoke and enjoy your edibles to your heart’s content.

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