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Buy Cannabis Online in Canada

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada thanks to the Cannabis Act, you can easily buy it online and get it delivered straight to your door. It has never been easier, but how does this process work? Which websites are credible? Can you trust what you’re buying? While there are still rules you must follow to buy and sell weed, it’s pretty cool to think about how far we have come.

Whether you’re smoking on your own or hosting your next marijuana party, it’s important to know how to buy cannabis online in Canada. While it is now legal, there are still some important laws relating to how you can buy weed online. There is still a legal age that is required to buy cannabis, and the Cannabis Act is in place to protect the public of Canada. With this newfound freedom, we’ve created a guide on how to buy cannabis online in Canada. This will answer all your questions, so you can confidently buy whatever you want.

Cannabis – What is Legal?

Since October 17th, 2018, adults who are 18 years and over can legally buy fresh or dried cannabis, and CBD oil online in Canada. Each retailer of cannabis may have different rules in terms of age restriction. At QUADYOLO.COM  we only sell to people 19 years and over. There is also a restriction on the amount of weed you can possess and share at one time. This remains at no more than 30 grams, so be careful with how much you have.

You’re allowed to grow cannabis in your own home using licensed seeds. You can grow up to 4 cannabis plants at a time. Love your weed brownies or cookies? You’re in luck. It is legal to bake your own cannabis goods at home, provided that you don’t use any organic solvents to make concentrated products. If you’re more of a snazzy salesman or woman, it is now legal to make and sell edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Canada?

It’s so important to buy your weed from reputable retailers. You want to make sure you are consuming the best quality cannabis on the market. If you don’t buy weed from a reputable website, it can potentially be dangerous for your health.

Some stores may have a limit on the amount of cannabis they can have in their shop. This means it can sell out quickly due to the high demand. Therefore making it harder to buy weed when you want it.

Most online retailers are different – they may have different rules concerning how much cannabis they can carry. This is great news for you. Higher availability means it’s easier to buy cannabis products, and getting them delivered straight to your home is super convenient.


What Types of Cannabis Can I Buy Online?

This majorly depends on what kind of cannabis you’re looking for. Many online cannabis stores sell a wide variety of different products. These can range from regular cannabis, CBD products like CBD oil, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and much more. Some retailers are even selling cannabis beverages – yes, you can now drink your weed.

With the new legalization of weed in Canada, there are some particularly exciting cannabis products on the rise in popularity. Cannabis beauty products are beginning to gain attention among the wider beauty community. Most cannabis-infused beauty items are produced with CBD, as it is non-psychoactive and won’t produce the same effects as THC, which is more widely known for making you high. From hemp-infused mascara sold on Sephora, to cannabis Sativa seed oil lip balm, there are countless options for cannabis beauty products.

Edibles legalized in Canada are rapidly growing in popularity and options. Some of the trendiest include cannabis chocolates and cannabis gummies. You can find a huge range of chocolates and cannabis candies online, and they come in many different fun shapes. Cannabis capsules are also rising in notoriety and are more discreet than edibles. They are taken like medicine and are a great alternative to smoking.

Is Buying Weed Online Safe?

Thanks to the current Canadian Government regulations on cannabis, you can trust that most online stores are reputable for selling weed. As mentioned above, always check the list of licensed distributors on the Canadian Government website before you purchase anything.

The website also tells you the distribution laws for each province, making it easier for you to know if the online cannabis dispensary you are interested in is following these rules. Having this information easily accessible makes buying cannabis online a lot safer.


For those of us who don’t have access to local retail cannabis stores, having the ability to buy weed online is extremely convenient. Buying cannabis online is also much easier thanks to the large selection of products that most brick-and-mortar stores don’t carry. With the strict regulations that have followed the legalization of weed, you can easily and safely buy cannabis products from credible online stores.

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